DIY-er Gift Guide: Christmas 2012

If there’s a crafty guy or gal on your list, we’ve got some gift ideas for them in this DIY-er Gift Guide!

DIY-er Gift Guide - Christmas 2012 - James and Audrey Jo Design

DIY-er Gift Guide: Books

DIY-er Gift Guide - Christmas 2012 - Young House Love book

Almost any savvy DIYer who uses the Internet knows John and Sherry from Young House Love… and if the DIYer on your list doesn’t have it yet, we bet they’d love a copy of John and Sherry’s new book! We sure would. šŸ™‚

DIY-er Gift Guide: Gardening

DIY-er Gift Guide - Christmas 2012 - Seedbomb

Know somebody with a green thumb (or someone who’s trying to convert their black thumb)? How about one of these nifty Seed Bomb Kits from Anthropologie? The kit includes seed bombs for herbs, greens, and edible flowers. That’s a gift that keeps on giving! DIY-er Gift Guide - Christmas 2012 - Composter

As long as we’re on the subject of gardening, how ’bout this adorableĀ Ceramic Compost Crock? Stylish enough to live on any kitchen counter, + strong enough to keep nasty odors inside = an Ć¼ber useful gift for your composting friends.

DIY-er Gift Guide: Cooking & Cleaning

DIY-er Gift Guide - Christmas 2012 - DIY Cheese Kit

If the DIY-er on your list is a fan of cooking, farm-to-table, or just plain cheese (and aren’t we all fans of cheese?), check out this DIY cheese kit from Urban Cheesecraft. The recipient of this kit can make at least ten batches of homemade mozzarella or ricotta- just add milk!

DIY-er Gift Guide - Christmas 2012 - Cleaning Kit

This DIY cleaning kit is for the lean, mean, green cleaning machines out there. It includes ingredients and an Eco Home Ebook full of recipes for homemade green cleaning products- a great gift for any eco-conscious DIY-er!

DIY-er Gift Guide: Quilting

DIY-er Gift Guide - Christmas 2012 - Color Wheel Quilt Kit

If there’s a fabric lover on your list, try this Color Wheel Quilt Bundle from Purl Soho- a precut selection of 52 gorgeous prints for quilting and other sewing projects. There’s enough fabric for your recipient to make an entire quilt- or just a vibrant, colorful addition to their fabric stash. DIY-er Gift Guide - Christmas 2012 - Washi Tape

Washi tape is all the rage amongst the crafty these days. Le Box Boutique offers a huge selection of colors and patterns in this listing for up to twenty rolls of washi tape. Pick the colors and patterns you know your DIY-er will love the most, or send them a gift card and let them choose their own!

DIY-er Gift Guide: Painting

DIY-er Gift Guide - Christmas 2012 - Chalkboard Painting Kit

This chalkboard painting kit from Lullaby Paints is a great choice for the artsy chalkboard lover on your list. It comes with a roller, tray, edging tape, chalk, and your choice of sixteen colors of chalkboard paint.

DIY-er Gift Guide: Photography

DIY-er Gift Guide - Christmas 2012 - Camera Bag

A stylish camera bag from Jo Totes is sure to please any girly-girl photographer. These cute bags are padded to protect valuable gear and roomy enough for a camera, an extra lens, and a few other essentials. Frankly, I’d carry one just as a purse!

Are you a DIY-er? Or are you buying for one this Christmas? We’d love to hear your ideas! Leave them in the comments section, or let us know if you’d like to be a contributor to ourĀ Gifts for the DIY-er group boardĀ on Pinterest.

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