Geek Gift Guide: Christmas 2012

Presenting a Geek Gift Guide for Christmas: another gift guide that’s near and dear to our hearts! James is the geeky one in our family, so this guide is full of things from his list that are sure to thrill even the geekiest among you.

Geek Gift Guide - Christmas 2012

Geek Gift Guide: Clothing

First up, some geeky graphic tees. This Bazinga tee is sure to get an appreciative laugh from any geek who’s a fan of the show The Big Bang Theory (and trust us, most of them are!). It’s available in a variety of colors from Amazon.

Geek Gift Guide - Bazinga T-Shirt

If your geek happens to be a web designer, he (or she!) will enjoy this Roses are #FF0000 tee from ThinkGeek.

Geek Gift Guide - Roses T-Shirt

Geek Gift Guide: iPhone / iPad Accessories

No self-respecting geek would be caught without a good selection of iPhone accessories. This handy little tripod works perfectly with iPhones and cameras alike. Pair it with the Photo Timer or GorillaCam app for the perfect holiday group portrait solution.

Geek Gift Guide - Cell Phone iPhone Camera Tripod

Is your geek a fan of iPad gaming? (The answer is probably “yes.”) How about this removable, repositionable JOYSTICK-IT to make tablet gaming even more fun! It works with any capacitive touchscreen device and thousands of game apps.

Geek Gift Guide - iPhone iPad Joystick

Digits: the miracle product. Frankly, these little guys should be part of every single iPhone owner’s arsenal! We all love our touchscreens, but when it’s cold enough outside to warrant gloves, suddenly the only way to operate that touchscreen is with your nose. (I may or may not be guilty of occasional nose taps to unlock my screen or open an app on a cold day.) But these little mini conductive pins attach to the fingers of your gloves for the perfect solution! No more cold fingers OR nose taps.

Geek Gift Guide - iPhone iPad Gloves

Geek Gift Guide: Office Gadgets

This futuristic-looking U-board has USB ports on one side, a handy-dandy cup holder on the other, and extra shelf space for gadgets. Perfect for the geek who suffers from a chronic case of cluttered desktop!

Geek Gift Guide - UBoard Computer Stand

Continuing the desktop-organizing theme, this metal Cordie serves a simple but oh-so-useful function by keeping track of all those little cords that fall off a geeky desktop when not in use. Handy, no? I think I could use one of these myself!

Geek Gift Guide - Cordies Cord Managers

Geek Gift Guide: Miscellaneous

Next we have a little book that’s full of “the Very Best Totally Wrong Test Answers.” With test answers like “If you are really naughty you get exploded from school” and “Cyanide is so poisonous that one drop of it on a dog’s tongue will kill the strongest man,” F for Effort is a great gift for any geek.

Geek Gift Guide - F for Effort Book

In the small, useful gadget category, we have this little guy: the Tube-Wringer. Perfect for the frugal geek who loves to squeeze out every last drop of toothpaste!

Geek Gift Guide - Toothpaste Tube Wringer

Finally, we come to the Star Wars Death Star Tea Infuser. Because I’ve never met a geek who was not also a Star Wars fan. And tea infusers are pretty cool. Pair it with your favorite loose-leaf tea for a cozy gift!

Geek Gift Guide - Star Wars Death Star Tea Infuser

Are you a geek? Are there geeks on your Christmas list? Tell us what you plan to get for them! (I can always use more ideas for James!)

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